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Quality Service is a fundamental key to any successful Vehicle Wash location.  There are many good pieces of equipment available in our industry, but the are only as good as the support behind them.  Quality Wash Solutions understands the core principals behind Quality Service.


Preventative Maintenance is a necessity to increase the longevity of all wash equipment.  Downtime is unavoidable, but can be managed with the proper training, preventative maintenance and support.  QWS offers Preventative Maintenance solutions tailored to the needs of each location.  Preventative Maintenance is a team effort between Ownership, Site Personnel and Service Provider.  Daily and Weekly checks by Site Personnel, Monthly Preventative Maintenance visits by Quality Wash Solutions personnel to identify and correct problem areas, and Ownership’s willingness to make the necessary investment on the corrective repairs identified are all vitally important to limiting downtime and costly repairs.  Let us tailor a Preventative Maintenance program for your business. 


Equipment Will Fail!  No matter the manufacture, quality of equipment or the level of preventative maintenance applied, equipment failures are unavoidable.  The question is “Do you have a reliable Service Provider?”  Quality Service begins with proper troubleshooting and diagnosis of the failure or problem.  QWS understands you cannot provide the proper solution if don’t first know the root cause.  We take pride in our repairs and try to avoid return trips due to poor diagnostic practices. QWS provides a quick response to the Service needs of our Customers.  We prioritize Service Calls to ensure the least amount of downtime possible.  Don’t want to close your business to perform necessary repairs?  Contact us for information on After-Hours Service fees and scheduling.  

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Cost-per-Car Maintenance Agreements

Preventative Maintenance Partnership for

Auto Dealers

Repairs On All Types Of Car Wash Equipment

Repairs On All Types Of Truck Wash Equipment

Welding Service For Vehicle Wash Equipment

Plumbing Services For Vehicle Wash Equipment

Electrical Services For Vehicle Wash Equipment

Bay And Equipment Cleaning and Pressure

Washing Services 

Vehicle Wash Programming

Service and Operational Consultation Services

Vehicle Wash Refurbishment Services

Parts Sales

Quality Wash Solutions can only be as successful as our Customers allow.  We ask our Customers to support our success by being our partner in Service.  Having Site Personnel keeping the Equipment clean and paying attention to the operation of the equipment, helps spot possible problem areas.  Ownership authorizing necessary repairs to keep equipment in proper working order reduces the risk of more costly repairs and downtime.  


Let Quality Wash Solutions be your partner in success.  

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